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Search Engine Optimization & Content Writing
We provide complete SEO services Higher Search Engine Rankings Greater Visitor Traffic


Web Site Promotion Campaign

Research & Analysis
• Defining Goals & Concept.
• Core Focusing – Prime Objectives.
• Analyzing Keyword Prominence.
• Web Presence & Popularity.

Content Writing Service

• Highly Optimized Informative Content (Web Pages).
• User Acceptance & SE Indexing.
• Keyword Structuring based on Symantec Indexing.
• Additional Content (On Site)***

On Page Optimization:
• Content Creation
• Meta Tag Descriptions – SEO – Optimum SE Indexing.
• Optimizing Internal Architecture & Site Design.
• Internal Linking.
• Creation – Additional Pages.

Off Page Optimization:

• Placement Major SE and Directories.
• Off Page Content Creation – Articles – Blogs etc.
• Off Page Indexing
• Forum Participation.
• Authoritative Back Link Creation.
• Page Rank Increment (Google).
• Promotional Site Development & Domains.***
• SEO Marketing – Groups.
• Social Networking.
• Web Saturation …
***Additional Charge Note: Website Promotion Campaign is an extensive exercise. The above activities play important part in shaping your web sites Net presence in major Search Engines. Higher ranking are achieved on targeted search terms. The purpose can be any…

• Online Business – Ecommerce – Eshopping.
• Online Product Sales B2B & B2C.
• Awareness Campaign.
• Advertisement.
• Branding Exercise.
• Popularity.
• Networking.
• Increasing Dealer Base.
• Increasing Client Network.
• Payment Transaction.
• Online Services & Consultancy.
• Information Transmission …

Prospective Clients:

• Public Enterprises
• Government Concerns
• Industrial Houses
• Private Business
• Major NGOs
• Self Employed Professionals
• Personal Web Sites …

Methodology: The above activities promote web sites to higher rankings for higher visibility and greater targeted visitor traffic. The period of effective & visible increment in web site performance is eight months onwards for old sites i.e. more than 1 ½ Years old. And 1 ½ years on wards for new sites. The complete strengthening and peak performance of web site is achieved in a period of two years.

Web Live Services
Uday Patel (SEO)(Content Writer)
Mobile: 9755089323

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