Content Writing Basics


Let’s forget seo for the time being. We will discuss content writing basics for now. To repeat, to be a good search engine optimizer you should be able to  write.


It is straight forward that search engines understand the written word though not exactly as the humans percieve.

Search engines have a program for semantic indexing that is more popularly referred to as Latent semantic indexing. This is natural language processing techinque that acurately pin points what the written matter is about. The process is mathematical in nature and the program is designed using  intense logic that is the reason for its accuracy.

In order to present a correct picture of your website all written matter should accurately point towards the subject.

For example if your site is a tea website selling tea bags online, then you should be able to describe accurately the category tea and the process of buying online, in the website content and other written material associated with the off page promotion of the organic tea shopping site.

For example see my clients “tea” site which, I targeted on search term “buy tea online“. This web site is on hot tea beverage, selling many varities of tea. Notice how I have written about tea in the content on the home page including other targetted keywords as organic green tea, black tea and other tea leaf search terms. It is a combination of both the seo content and home page content for the user. The ability to integrate both the element is useful for search engine ranking and usability for higher convertion ratio. 

Also go through the relational pages –  green tea and black tea as well as Assam tea and masala chai page. The pages need some more working on which will be done soon.

When you read content on properly optimized site you will get an idea of how the seo content is written.

But the first step is to learn to write. That which is….take a subject or a matter and write few lines about it. Keep on doing this till you are able to describe better and better in few lines. Then at a later stage integrate your thoughts into the write up if the subject so demands.

Remember that writing ability is not always in born, it can be attained through hard work. So if you are not a natural writer you can be a good writer with lots of hard work.

Most of the seo content need not be romantic or stylish. If you can describe well in simple english and properly with correct integration of keywords then you are on the right path to be a content writer…..seo content writer….ooops!    


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  1. Shane: content writer

    Heh heh… Its lovely the way SEO content no longer desperately needs to be SEO content.. Writing well for people as what really matters, if you can do that, concisely and accurately then you’re sorted.

  2. seocontentwriter

    I wish what you said was true but add some seo i content and see for yourself…few right long tail keywords matter a lot..i hope you know what i mean if you are a content writer…

  3. Razibul Hassan

    Content is the food and SEO is the sauce. With out great content there is no point of spending money on SEO. If contents are king then great contents are World lord…

    Great post … Keep tuning…

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