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When you move into optimizing a web site the fundamental task is to look at the contents since that is where the major seo impact is going to come from.  When I say content I mean that including title and Meta tags.  This is difficult to explain to some that title description and keyword tags have to be written by a search engine optimizer who is a good content writer.

My boss at the seo firm that I was working at would not let me have a go at the title tag since he thought he was good at it…which he was but not always.

If I tried to express my opinions on tags over which I did not agree, he would politely inform me that I am only responsible for content. But a boss being a boss I never brought forward this argument of mine.    

I was a seo senior and team leader I was doing my job well as optimizer both on page and off page as well. Here I bring forth my experience.

Writing good title, Meta tags comes with experience and analyzing algorithms of major search engines. Writing title is easy some think…include your primary keywords…yes true…but search engines keep on tweaking their algorithms. So what impact will a title have on the train of keywords that a website has to be promoted? Or are you going to leave title tag to impact primary keywords and develop secondary search term optimization to content and back link creation…try it!    Same thing applies to Meta tags although some search engines do not give weight age to them.

The above elements only inform what the website is about and that is how they should be written, without spamming. Write a title with primary keywords including what people type along with them so that you can be effective on at least few more keywords.    

Ex. Custom website design company on Internet for affordable web development.

Keywords in title…websitewebdesigndevelopment…affordableInternet…custom…company

Use a good keyword count tool and work out the number of effective keywords you can come up from the title. You can work out a similar exercise with regards to meta description …keeping the number of characters to 230 or 255 max.   

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  1. Derrick Tan

    Nice introduction on the very first thing of seo. I supposed Google has actually stopped or put very little weights on the meta tags. For titles, I would normally go for the top 2 keywords coupled with the domain name of my website.

    Just my 2 cents worth!

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