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In website promotion the on page and off page content matters a lot. It’s all about writing both unique content and general information in the text.

Since induction of latent semantic or LSI the natural human language processing has come out to be more accurate for the search engines namely Google.This does not mean that all rare extremely describable and relevant word is all that the seo content should contain.

A good content is seo content with minor twist and turn here and there depending upon the way the search engines index.

The text should contain matter of general importance and unique description that is highly relevant to the subject concerned. Say for example if it is about eco-tourism then you should be sticking clearly to the subject, a beach vacation, or business travel content should not be in there.

It is tempting to include highly popular keywords that are related but not particularly to the niche service offered in that field. So mixing up content dedicated to eco-tourism with other types of travel for greater visibility might increase number of visitor seeking beach resorts and not places to see tiger at a National park.

This visibility is useless and frustrating since a larger number of hits is not bringing any inquiries or conversions. Highly targeted search terms though less in number can be extremely rewarding than a confusing mix up leading to nowhere. On page content writing is best inducted during the web design process and development of the website. Else lot of web page edition will be required.


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  1. Robert G.

    Well I have to thank Brendan for this website. During class yesterday, he showed us the website. I guess to get inspiration for our next assignment.

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