Website Content: Mind your language

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When writing website content your language matters. When you write seo content you have to add few keywords for correct indexing of the site. Now here lies the trouble….

Since keywords may not be a natural element of your content, but still you have to embedding them in your content. And it is not easy many times but if you have done your homework right you will succeed.

Website content matters both for the user and the search engine whereas the user decides the search engine indexes.

Well written content means higher conversion. Proper utilization of keywords means better indexing and ranking.

I have seen websites with content which is balderdash but keywords are there no doubt so the site is visible…but conversions? Only the client knows.

No one bothers to read full content on the website….visitors scan. So write neat and small paragraph with proper formatting with bold and underline…few important words here and there…do not over do.

Create tag lines on the website ..web designers…hardly do. This will inform the visitor what the website is offering.

Try your best to induct keywords as naturally as you can. Learn a little bit of grammar. Over use of keywords will not help on the contrary it will lead you site to being banned by major search engines for that particular keywords.

Rather you can create keyword prominence as below:

  • tiger
  • Bengal tiger
  • Indian tiger
  • white tiger
  • wild tiger
  • tiger safari
  • tiger tour
  • endangered tiger

This way you can safely increase keyword density  without getting penalized. But if you use the word “tiger” nth number of times then may the search engines protect you…he.he

This is an important element of on page search engine optimization.

Research the subject well before writing.


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  1. martin

    Pay-per-click is beneficial for those who wanted to promote their business in just a short period of time or maybe to those businesses which are seasonal and just have limited time for promotions. The advantage of the Natural SEO is that you’ll be ranking for free.

  2. Uday

    Paid programs as pay per click/Ad words do not often bring the desired results as I have seen often and they cost the nose. If something like this works it is good. But there is no answer to high position in SERPs organic rankings.

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