Content Writing : Where to place links


When writing seo contents on a website or writing a promotional article it is important to know where to add your promotion links.

Remember an external link(promotional for seo) running away from you website or the article is actually meant to deliver additional info or explanation of some term. The term is part of the content but it is not explained in depth as such in the body, hence a link leads to that page which offers satisfactory answer. In this way the page delivering information is naturally rated high and gets valued back links for that page.
You can understand me better if you see Wikipedia and how they have given external links to terms which needs further explanation.

If you consider writing a informational piece or highlighting a product or the service. The first paragraph you are going to write is going to be introductory highlighting basic information. In an introductory paragraph do you need to add external links for further information …my logic says no!

You should place an external link in the body (middle) of the article of web page content where the high tech stuff goes and so it needs explanatory links to make the reader understand what the term, related technology, or related product is all about.

For a good seo writing the writer must revolve the whole content around the targeted phrase. For example if you are writing on tiger safari the article should revolve around the excursion in the park. If you add a piece on tiger conservation, it is definitely an another subject which demands a separate article.

In a Indian tiger safari article, one can give an external link to terms such as tiger reserves, Indian mammals, Indian birds and park guides.  Around the external link should reside terms which are naturally close..well as close as possible….see the bold above.

But if you give an external link to tiger conservation in India which is about saving the tiger and is distantly related to tiger safari which is about an excursion in a park to see the tiger…I will not think very highly of the link. In short relevancy is the key if you wish for a well focused representation on the search engines.

The external link can go in the last paragraph as well since it is usually explanatory and much more in depth than the first paragraph.

Lots of search engine optimizers talk about out going links and page rank dilution. But if a website content or an article is not giving external links to unfamiliar terms contained then it is poor in rating. So if you have placed justified external links on the body of your home page, I don ‘t think you will be loosing page rank. But the number of outgoing links should be limited.

The programmers of algorithms, I am sure would be think on these term when trying to justify the weight age of the article …content and the external and back links related with it. Sound logic is going to matter in search engine optimization. The search engines will never reveal their start thinking.


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    Great thread! , i like these tips, its looks that i knew just small part of it.

  2. The thing is,only add your link or as a link back on those sites that are related and relevant on your site. As this would help your site and surely gain a benefits.

  3. SEO Consultant

    Actually this kind of link placement is also known in the hub pages and there is a wp plugin just for that, and hey… it seems to work with wikipedia since they rank for every term, right?

  4. sandrar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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