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Writing contents on website is not easy. It is unlike copy writing or writing articles, blogs, ads etc. Website content writing begins with content creation and creating a sound link architecture. For this lot of research is required. Once you have created page summary then decide which page has got greater relevancy to the topic.

A site architecture is an important element of the website since it justifies the contents.  Content should always be created keeping topic relevancy in mind. The theme of design is also important since it helps convey the sites offering well.

The matter on the website should be arranged neatly an in orderly fashion. In very short para a writer has to deliver meaning since web visitors do not read the page matter extensively.

The keyword profile should always be low so to avoid spamming. Always keep in mind  parameters that search engine have set. Use of semantic words should always be done in writing for the websites. Hence it is important that  you keyword analysis is very good. This comes with time and experience since in spite of all this your write on page should appear appealing and persuasive.

The write up should conform to guide line that the search engines have set in. Avoid putting a lot of flair in your writing since it does not make sense and makes it more like advertisement. Visitors prefer sound unique informative text on the page.

The writing on the page should convince the visitor into believing what the site offers.  Lot of websites lose on the SERP due to bad piece of gibberish on the pages. The clients idea of a web page is completion, whatever text he or the designer comes up with.

Many website owners have yet to take their page content seriously. With recent updates Google has succeeded in clearing lot of this text. The search engine desire for the best informative pages on the top of the SERPs and why not.

Hence for serious website owners hiring a good content writer is a must.  The website writer should be familiar with search engine optimization technique. If he is than the site will surely find favor with major search engines. Do not save money here.

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