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Latent Semantic Indexing

The genesis of Internet is understanding and processing human writeup and expression used in texts online. As www advances technology creeps in faster. The understanding and indexing of contents bu SE algorithms is one such phenomenon. LSI indexing is done using a mathematical technique called singular value denomination. I do not go deep into this […]

Using semantics in your web contents

If you look at the meaning of semantics you will find that it is understanding the meaning of words. Lot of definitions exist and I find it is more for those interested in content writing linguistic semantics holds true. In their efforts to understand written stuff on websites and blogs search engines use LSI or […]

Mind Your Keyword Usage

Since the Panda Update things have changed dramatically. Not that it was unexpected. The kind of trash content the advertisement sites had offered no purpose being up on the SERPs. In all my years I have learned that there are basic principles that the sites should adhere to. This in spite of search engine toleration. […]

Website Content Parameter

Writing contents on website is not easy. It is unlike copy writing or writing articles, blogs, ads etc. Website content writing begins with content creation and creating a sound link architecture. For this lot of research is required. Once you have created page summary then decide which page has got greater relevancy to the topic. […]

Website Content: Mind your language

When writing website content your language matters. When you write seo content you have to add few keywords for correct indexing of the site. Now here lies the trouble…. Since keywords may not be a natural element of your content, but still you have to embedding them in your content. And it is not easy […]

Content Writing Basics

Let’s forget seo for the time being. We will discuss content writing basics for now. To repeat, to be a good search engine optimizer you should be able to  write. Why? It is straight forward that search engines understand the written word though not exactly as the humans percieve. Search engines have a program for […]

Liven Your Website

Search Engine Optimization & Content Writing We provide complete SEO services Higher Search Engine Rankings Greater Visitor Traffic   Web Site Promotion Campaign Research & Analysis • Defining Goals & Concept. • Core Focusing – Prime Objectives. • Analyzing Keyword Prominence. • Web Presence & Popularity. Content Writing Service • Highly Optimized Informative Content (Web […]

SEO – Content Writer

That’ how I begin with – telling people that I am a content writer,  writing articles, for websites and blogs since many years.  I have published many articles on travel and Indian wildlife. I can write on any subject though. I have written articles on relationship, food, travel and culture. Then I tell them that I am an […]